Building Management

kumo cloud

Production: 2015/Sep - Current

iOS Interface


Production: 2003 - 2016


Diamond System Builder

Equipment selection and system layout software. Includes all Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating equipment.

Production: 2013 - Current


Lossnay ERValue cuts down on your engineering math. Use Lossnay ERValue to calculate the BTU's, CFM, etc. that will be gained and/or lost by using the Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilator.

Refrigerant Flow

This program is a dynamic learning tool to assist in understanding the intricacies of our CITY MULTI equipment.

xDesign Tool

Previous version of system layout software. New projects should utilize Diamond System Builder. Only use DesignTool for existing projects.

Troubleshooting and Service

Inverter Judgement Tool


LinkDrive Software Windows Only

Maintenance Tools